Dhyani Maria Tantra Academy

1.5 year training – 7 x 5-day modules

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3/2021 - 9/2022 |

Kubasova chalupa
Sudislav nad Orlicí

lecturer: Dhyani Maria Kovar

What is Tantra?

Tantra is a mystical path that includes life in all its facets. Tantra teaches us to trust our natural energies and to stay true to our senses.

It does not reject our body and senses, but uses them for the self-realization and development of our potential. Tantra says, “Do not fight against anything, do not fight with your body, with your feelings, nor with your sexuality. On the contrary, let yourself be carried from these basic energies to higher levels of your consciousness! „


Tantra is a unique spiritual journey that teaches an openness to all that life brings: joy, pain, ecstasy or sadness. Tantra makes no difference between men and women, between sex and enlightenment, but uses the naturalness of opposites. It is a union between the material and the spiritual world. It challenges us to live a natural life, to develop ourselves with open minds and at the same time to deepen the connection with our inner source. Simply, to stand on the ground with both feet and simultaneously unfold both of our wings.


On this path, it is important to get to know yourself better and to learn to trust your natural energy. The more you know yourself, the more you grow the potential for deeper meeting and more fulfilling relationships with other people, the more satisfying the partnership and sexuality becomes. It is important to be in touch with ones own needs, to be able to communicate those and to be receptive to the needs of others.

Sensuality brings aliveness and senses can become gates for perception. Apparent separation can dissolve and can be recognized as an illusion.

Dialogues about tantra with Dhyani Maria

"Do not fight against anything, do not fight with your body,

with your feelings, nor with your sexuality.
On the contrary, let yourself be carried from these basic energies

to higher levels of your consciousness!"

What you can expect during a training?

The Dhyani Maria Tantra Academy offers a wholistic, an all-inclusive approach to use all of life for growth and works in this way to enhance inner growth, transformation and presence.

It teaches techniques which help to unfold your own potential as well as the ability to support people and structures around you. In this way you become a medium to bring more love, meditation, healing, health & joy into your and other people’s live.

You will learn how to connect to your own self. This will bring clarity to you how to spread your wings and how to use all the circumstances in life to grow, to rise in love, to understand, to fully become alive and to finally self-realize, - to come to the understanding (inner knowing) that the idea of a separate nature of self is just an illusion.

Tantra is a direct method that invites you to come constantly in contact with yourself, to be directly connected with your heart and your desires and its free expression. This is the way of the heart, this leads to unity - this is Tantra. Tantra is the simplicity of being. A gateway to yourself.

The training offered by Dhyani Maria Tantra Academy consists of seven modules, the duration of each module is five days.

Module 1

Somatic Tantric Breathing

23. - 28. 3. 2021

The discovery of the most powerful and natural tool, our own Breathing, your basic essential life energy will be awakened.

Module 2

Alchemy of Transformation

22. - 27. 6. 2021

Examination of the nature and effects of trauma in our lives. Tools are given to self-regulate and to deal with the effects of trauma in our lives.

Module 3

Awakening to your Senses

12. - 17. 10. 2021

Your senses will be explored and experienced as doors to perception.

Module 4

Relating from the Heart

18. - 23. 1. 2022

Examination of how we relate by exploring Love and Aloneness using techniques from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.

Module 5

Inner Man - Inner Woman

5. - 10. 4. 2022

Introduction of the concept ‚Tantric Communion‘ by exploration of inner male and inner female energies

Module 6

Awareness Intensive - Tantric Inquiry

21. - 26. 6. 2022

Inquiry work with the essential questions (koans) like ‚Who am I?‘ ‚What is love?‘, or ‚What is freedom?‘.

Module 7

Tantric Initiation Circles, Union & Celebration

20. - 25. 9. 2022

Integration of all facets of Tantra, from sex to superconsciousness, by using initiation circles, meditations and music to be in a state of union with existence.

Lecturers, assistants, organizers

Dhyani Maria Kovar

Tantra Master
In the past I called myself 'Teacher of Tantra', until the word ’Tantra’ was exploited and twisted.
Now I am back to be a ’Tantra Master’ and to restore the mystical path that is ‚Tantra‘. Tantra embraces life in all its facets and teaches us to trust our natural energies and to remain true to our senses. It does not reject our body and our senses, but uses them for self-realization and to develop our potential.

Since 1984 Dhyani Maria Kovar has been deeply involved with spiritual & personal growth work, participating in and being trained in innumerable spiritual and therapeutic approaches, conducting workshops and working individually with people in different countries for over 30 years.

Dhyani Maria studied Psychology & numerous humanistic approaches to heal  & to investigate into herself and others. 1987 she met her spiritual master Osho, a great Indian Mystic, and she spent the last years of Osho’s life in his presence. After Osho passed away in 1990, she took Osho’s heritage (with many others) and made his teaching available to thousands of people, - in his Meditation- and Therapy Center in Pune, India, and in different countries in Europe.

If you are interested to find out more about me, click here.

At this point I would like to thank my friend Zdenek Weber, who had the inspiration to found the 'Dhyani Maria Tantra Academy' and invited me to fill the 'Dhyani Maria Tantra Academy' with content. Zdenek and his wife Sarka will be the organizers and assistants of the training. I am looking forward to accompanying many people during this training and to a long lasting cooperation with my dear friends!

Zdenek a Šárka Weberovi

Organizer and assistant
Zdeněk and Šárka are social and spiritual innovators and mentors. In their work and projects, they combine the wisdom of mystical traditions, the latest knowledge from therapy and informal pedagogy, eco-psychology and work with trauma. Their intention and vision is holistic prosperity. The main ways of realizing their vision are personal sessions and consultations, courses, mystical pilgrimages, meditation retreats, vision quests, seminars, lectures, book publications and also acting in the Endowment Fund for the Development of Full Consciousness. 

Over 5,000 participants have gone through their activities in the last 15 years. They are the authors of the joint book Love without handcuffs, which was purchased by over 7,000 readers. 

On the Síla duše website, you will find a complete overview of the current activities of Zdeněk and Šárka and their colleagues for individuals, couples, families and companies and corporate teams.

“We go on believing that we are separate.

We are not, not even for a single moment.

In spite of your belief, you are one with the whole.”  

Summary information


March 2021 - September 2022

23. - 28. 3. 2021 – module 1 (23. 3.  at 18 h)
22. - 27. 6. 2021 – module 2 (22. 6.  at 18 h)
12. - 17. 10. 2021 – module 3 (12. 10.  at 18h)
18. - 23. 1. 2022 – module 4 (18. 1.  at 18 h)
5. - 10. 4. 2022 – module 5 (5. 4.  at 18 h)
21. - 26. 6. 2022 – module 6 (21. 6.  at 18 h)
20. - 25. 9. 2022 – module 7 (20. 9.  at 18 h)


Kubasova chalupa (Kubas‘s Cottage), Sudislav nad Orlicí

Beautiful place with the possibility of accommodation in rooms on the bed, in common areas on mattresses in sleeping bags or in tents.

Their own kitchen cooks amazing vegetarian and vegan food.


1.5-year training

7 x 5-day modules

Total price: 52,500 CZK
(price for the whole academy without food and accommodation)

Payment options:

  • Payment at once in advance: 50,000 CZK- 5% discount
  • Payment in two halves: 2 x 25,000 CZK in two annual installments
  • Payment per module: 7 x 7,500 CZK for a module without food and accommodation

Excerpt from Enrolment Conditions:
- You choose the mandatory registration fee in the case of payment for individual modules, it amounts to CZK 7,500 and is used to pay for the last module.
- Introductory module is open to anyone and the training closes from the second module.

Venue - Kubasova chalupa (Kubas‘s cottage)

Accommodation and food

Great seminar venue with excellent cuisine and sensitively reconstructed farmhouse, which has preserved the genius loci for decades.

Accommodation options (5 nights)

  • accommodation in rooms on the bed CZK 350 / person / night + 1 x CZK 50 for bed linen

  • accommodation on the mattress in your own sleeping bag CZK 280 / person / night

  • accommodation in your own tent CZK 200 / person / night



  • excellent vegetarian or vegan food – full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner) + tea or water with lemon for the whole day CZK 350 (14 EUR) / person / day

Kubas‘s cottage – gallery

“In fact, Tantra is a mystical path that includes life in all its facets."

I want to know more about each module

Module 1: Somatic Tantric Breathing

The first module will help to awaken your basic essential life energy. This supports to start a process that will bring transformation in your life. In finding and connecting with more and more facets of yourself, as well as through connecting with other human beings during this training changes will happen naturally.

Our life begins and ends with one breath. The first inhalation of your life is called "birth", the last exhalation in your life is called „dying". Each time you breath in you give life and each time you breath out you let something go.

In Latin, "breath" means "spiritum", which refers to the spiritual nature, the life-giving nature of our Breath. This inhalation and exhalation, this life-giving 'spiritum', accompanies us throughout our lives: like a best friend it never leaves us, on the contrary, it supports us regardless of our state of life until the last moment when the body dies.

The goal of this first module is to become aware of and experience Breathing "as your best friend". And finally to learn how to be able to feel connected to breathing as the source of life itself.

Your life energy itself will receive the attention it deserves - your presence. Give yourself the gift to be present with yourself and alchemically with others.

The more you know yourself, the more you develop the potential for deeper encounters and more fulfilling relationships with others, the more satisfying your partnership and sexuality will be. It is important to be in contact with your own needs, to communicate them and to be receptive to the needs of others.

You will learn to breathe within your tolerance range and in this way consciously use this wonderful tool, your breath, to bring more presence and liveliness into your life.

‚Your body is part of the universe. Everything in the body is part of the universe – every particle, every cell. It is the nearest approach to the universe. Breath is the bridge. If the bridge is broken, you are no more in the body. If the bridge is broken, you are no more in the universe. You move into some unknown dimension; then you cannot be found in space and time. So, thirdly, breath is also the bridge between you, and space and time.
Breath, therefore, becomes very significant – the most significant thing. If you can do something with the breath, you will suddenly turn to the present. If you can do something with breath, you will attain to the source of life. If you can do something with breath, you can transcend time and space. If you can do something with breath, you will be in the world and also beyond it.’
- Osho - The book of secrets

Module 2: Alchemy of Transformation

In the second module you will learn three fundamentals in order to self-regulate - Resourcing, Pendulation & Titration. These three fundamentals are also the fundamentals of trauma work, to recreate coherence in one’s system. You will learn tools to prevent trauma, and to build a better capacity and resilience to handle the challenges that life brings.

It can be deeply mystical to understand and experience of how energy flows, the impact that too much and too little have on us, and to establish an ability to self-regulate. Mindfulness is established and an understanding of the functioning of the nervous system is given.

Resourcing is the practice of inviting our body/mind to attune to sensations of goodness and safety. The process of attending to a felt sense of‚ okayness, begins the process of teaching our nervous system that it can experience stress, and then come back to a state of balance and calmness.

Pendulation is the natural pulsation between states of expansion and contraction in the nervous system. A resilient nervous system is one which can move back and forth between alertness and action, and calm and rest without getting stuck at either extreme. This ebb and flow allows the polarities to gradually integrate. It is the holding together of these polarities that facilitate deep integration and often, an alchemical transformation.

Titration means that we slow things down. It is the opposite of stress and trauma where all is too much, too fast, too soon. Less is more, slower is better… Titration also implies stillness, and taking time to perceive sensations in the body. It is a training of mindfulness, therefor a great basis for meditation.

This course is consolidating internal stability and self-knowledge as well as learning to navigate better within one’s own self.

Module 3: Awakening to your Senses

In the third module of the training, your senses will be explored and experienced as doors to perception. The topic of eating and fasting is introduced and the teaching is how your diet supports the refinement and cleansing of the sensory perception within yourself.

„You are a great mystery of many multidimensional energies. Accept it, and move with every energy with deep sensitivity, with awareness, with love, with understanding. Move with it! Then every desire becomes a vehicle to move beyond it. Then every energy becomes a help. And then this very world is Nirvana, this very body is a temple - a holy temple, a holy place.“
- Osho, The Book of secrets

By using different meditations techniques from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, sense perception exercises, introspection and group sharing, you will have the possibility to experience that all your senses can become a door- a door to this vast energy within you.

When you are under tension, your sensitivity, your sensuality and generally your ability to feel is reduced. In this state, relating becomes an arduous and complicated affair. Becoming aware of restrictive conditioning and melting due to this understanding naturally opens our sensitivity to others and to the joys of life.

You will learn how to safely access this enormous energy that is within yourself so that it does not overwhelm you. By accessing this energy within you step by step, it can be integrated and aligned with your system.

Your potential to be sensual and intimate is expanded and anything that no longer serves you is naturally abandoned.

As a result, you will have the ability to be with any energy you encounter in your life. All energies can serve as a bridge to connect with your true nature, presence and love.

“When a child is born, he is a feeling being: he feels things. He is not a thinking being yet. He is natural, just like anything natural in nature – just like a tree or like an animal.”  
- Osho

Module 4: Relating from the Heart

In the fourth module you will explore Love and Aloneness. These two form the basis to be able to relate from the heart and to mature spiritually.

Relating from the heart and relating consciously is only really possible when love and aloneness are in balance.

Relaxing into your heart is the key to being at home in yourself. When the energy can flow naturally through the heart, you can experience love and the feeling of being connected with existence. You will be rooted in the Here and Now in a more natural way.

Melting within and becoming aware of limiting conditioning, our sensitivity to others and to the joys of life will naturally open.

Love and Aloneness examine how we deal with ourselves and with other people. We bring the light of awareness into our way of relating. This allows us to gradually let go of old patterns and move into a free, respectful and open way of relating.

From the satisfaction and integration of Aloneness, a deep contentment arises and one can love without expectations – while respecting one's own freedom and the freedom of others. Your way of relating will now sprout from a space of respect, honesty and authenticity.

As long as we we are not in peace with our Aloneness, we relate to others from a space of fear of loneliness, from a state of need and fear of rejection. This prevents us from being authentic and honest.

True love is a spontaneous overflow of energy that emanates from the heart. When we can experience Aloneness as what it really is, - All-One-ness, we do not experience loneliness and need, but infinite presence.

The process of becoming alone is meditation. It is the art of finding one's own inner juices. It is the very science of finding all that is needed within one's own being; and once it is found, one is happy for no reason at all. This does not mean that you will not relate with people; in fact, only a person who is capable of being alone can relate, because he has something to share. The lonely person cannot relate, he can only exploit.”  
- Osho

Love and Aloneness explore how we relate with ourselves and with others. Using different meditations (e.g. from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra), partner exercises and group sharings, we bring the light of awareness to how we relate. This allows us to let go of old patterns and move into a free and open way of relating.

“Aloneness makes you overfull. Love receives your gifts. Love empties you so that you can become full again. Whenever you are emptied by love, aloneness is there to nourish you, to integrate you. And this is a rhythm.”

Module 5: Inner Man - Inner Woman

In this Module ‚Inner Man - Inner Woman‘, your own inner male and inner female energies will be explored.

The usual approach would be to start by establishing communication and harmony between both. The two sides, male and female, would have to agree with each other, please each other or help or control each other or use any strategy to reach this harmony.

In this Module you will be introduced to the concept of ‚Tantric Communion‘. Through this you will have the direct experience of the magic of Tantra within yourself.

We will explore through which side it is easier to access inner essence and consciousness. It is not necessary that your inner male and inner female agree. We invite these energies to trust in self-love, meditation and presence.

By and by a miracle will happen, a transformation, and meeting between both polarities will follow. A new orientation towards light, towards presence, can ignite a spark, which will bring new dimensions.

In the safe environment of the group relationship dynamics can surface and new ways of relating and being with each other can be established.

As you become aware of the polarities that are hiding inside, you will automatically relate in a more conscious and natural way with the world around you.

Module 6: Awareness Intensive - Tantric Inquiry

This is a 5-day residential process which has its roots in the tradition of Zen and in meditation. You will be working with the essential questions (koans) like ‚Who is in?‘ or ‚Who am I?‘. Furthermore you will be exploring koans such as ‚What is love?‘, or ‚What is freedom?‘.

The existential questions cannot be answered by the mind. In the effort to communicate what you are finding, you will realize the inability to answer the koan intellectually, and at the same time you will be experiencing yourself as a direct and truthful answer.

The koans function like a mirror in which the explorer will see the reflection of his/herself. When the mirror gets clearer from the dust of the past you start to relate more in a more clear and relaxed way. You start to recognize the master of your life inside you and you will see yourself as the only creator of your reality.

Paradise and hell are not two different worlds somewhere out there. Those are two worlds which we are constantly creating by the state of our awareness. If you want to be happy you do not need to change yourself or the people which are close to you. The only thing what you need to do is to get to know yourself. ‘Who am I?’.

The whole retreat will take place in silence, which will support the concentration on your inner exploration. The structure also consists of active and passive meditations, which will help you to go through different layers of your personality until you come to the core of your being, your true nature.

You may for the first time in your life find out what unconditional love means and how to relate to others in a state of fulfilment and completion. On this journey you will find out that you are the greatest mystery existing and you may get totally excited about the fact that you are alive.

The structure of this process is designed to enable you to have a direct experience of self in a relative short time. You will learn a radical technique, which may show you your inner truth and at the same time will help you to understand more about your relating to others.

Module 7: Tantric Initiation Circles, Union & Celebration

This module is a call for love, a call for life, and a call for sharing & celebration – using initiation circles, meditations and music in order to be in a state of union with existence. In this last part of the training, all facets of Tantra, from sex to superconsciousness, will be integrated.

In initiation rituals the sacred circle has always had a deeper spiritual meaning and was often used by assemblies to support and facilitate important transitions in life. Celebration used to be a fundamental part of these archetypal initiation circles.

The aim in this last module is to enable you to bring into your life what you found and to bring forth the unique expression of who you are, to let yourself be seen and to share yourself with the world, in the best way you can.

The goal is that you really can swing between the polarities of life, not in extremes, but including everything that is on the way, so that you can navigate and orientate in your own self.

My personal goal is to accompany you on the path to self-realization. When you have realized the truth of who you are, you will automatically use all circumstances of life to learn from, and you will use everything in life to be present - the greatest gift.

To be present is to meet yourself, your loved ones, and all beings of the universe, nature and our wonderful planet Earth in the knowledge that our believe that the separate nature of Self is only an illusion.